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Product Information Management

A single source of truth for all your product management data.

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Atlas solves it...

Product Information Management

  • Combine all your product data in one system
  • Integrate with your ERP system data
  • Reduce admin time and reworking of data
  • Eliminate data errors
  • Speed up maintenance with powerful tools
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Product Information Management

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Key Features


Atlas makes it easy to manage task requests across your team.

  • Source Of Truth:  Achieve the nirvana that is a "single source of truth". Pull your product information, purchasing info, marketing content and images all together into a single view for you to maintain and use.
  • Enrich: ​​​Make it easy to enrich and share your combined data for numerous business and marketing processes and systems.
  • Error Reduction:  Reduce errors by removing the manual handling and repurposing of information in spreadsheets and documents.
  • On-Brand:  Avoid brand damage caused by circulating incorrect product information to your important clients.
  • Speed To Market: ​​​Get your products to market faster by sharing your completed product data with marketing teams, sales teams, and advertising agencies.
  • Self-Serve: ​​​​Provide 24/7 access to the content your team needs. You no longer need to respond to every content request.
  • Save Time:  Reduce admin and focus on the aspects of your role that will make a bigger impact to your business.
  • Scalable: Use your data to drive other business processes by easily exporting or transforming it into the format you need.
Data Management

Atlas makes it easy to manage the maintenance of your data.

  • Metadata:  Create your own metadata fields (places to store the pieces of information unique to your business). We support a multitude of data formats, so if you have data we can store it.
  • Data Attributes: ​​​Populate your metadata fields with categories, brands, tags and any other attributes you can think of. Easily search, sort and filter your content the way you like to manage it.
  • Easy Edit:  View or edit your product data directly on screen with an easy user interface.
  • Associate Images:  Upload images of your products and then link them to your product and marketing data, to create a complete record ready to market in any channel.
  • Integrations: ​​​If you store data in an ERP or POS system and would like to bring your data all together in one system, we can work with your IT team to develop an automated feed or integration.
  • Data Imports: ​​​​Make changes to large volumes of data by bulk importing changes to your product information. Make changes in an Excel sheet and upload it using our Excel Uploader tool.
  • Easy Export: Select an export your data into an Excel report using our data export tools. A variety of tools and filters can help you extract the info you need quickly. You can upload it back in again to speed up maintenance of your data too.
  • Transform: Prepare your content in a single system, ready to feed your eCommerce site, social channels, studio, or agency.
Data Access and Integrity

Atlas protects your valuable data with clever functionality.

  • Edit Permissions:  Control the visibility and editing permissions of your product information and metadata with user roles and permissions.
  • Read Only: ​​​Maintain the integrity of your data by locking down selected fields to prevent editing, including those from your ERP system.
  • Reporting:  Validate your data with system reports to quickly identify gaps in your product information fields.
  • Action History:  View the history of your content with automatic records that track creation and edit dates, and the users involved.
  • Auto Archive Dates: ​​Manage the expiry of content by setting archive dates. Your asset will be hidden, but it will be safely stored for future reference if you need it.

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