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Security and resilience of our services are our top priority

Server Environment

  • World class hosting facilities in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Redundant cooling systems, multiple uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and generator backups.
  • Data centre manned 24×7, and also features biometric identification and proximity card entry technology, monitored Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) and locked racks.

Server Redundancy

  • Entire standby server replicated regularly.
  • All server data is stored on disk.
  • Second fail over firewall.

Back Ups

  • Server backup: All server data is migrated daily to a backup server and secondary redundant server. This secondary server is an entire redundant server reserved exclusively for critical and irrecoverable fault or failure or server and/or data. 
  • Application database data backup: Application database is backed up to the local server, these backups run while the server is running on a low priority service without interruption to service. This data is then copied to
    another server in an office building securely, across the internet from the backup server.
  • Stored file backup: These files are also copied using the same technique as above on a separate daily schedule.

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