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Workflow Manager

Never manage a brief or task by email again!

When you're trying to complete a job or task for someone, there's nothing worse than starting from incomplete instructions. With our Workflow Manager you can easily build a briefing form, share it with your stakeholders, and make sure you have all the instructions you need to start. Your briefs are automatically received and fed into a job list for you. It's fast, easy, and you'll never miss a request again.

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Key Features

Workflow Manager

Atlas makes it easy to manage task requests across your team.

  • Form Builder:  Create and customise your own briefing form using our handy form builder.
  • Share: ​​Share the form to your stakeholders via a link, or from an easy access button on the Home Page.
  • Notifications:  Be notified via optional email alerts when a new brief is received.
  • To-Do-List:  Collate all jobs in a single "to do list" style dashboard.
  • Visibility: ​Create visibility of your work backlog, or that of your wider team, by filtering the work summary.
  • Statuses: ​​​Manage the status of jobs as you complete them. Old jobs are filed away.

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