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Say goodbye to these common frustrations forever!

Every team has important contacts, but knowing who to contact and how isn't always clear.
If you have suppliers, clients, or branches you need to maintain accurate contact details for, we can help...

Scattered details

Important contact details are stored in a variety of formats from business cards to spreadsheets.

Out of date contacts

You find yourself using old details and contacts may have changed.

Incomplete details

Details vary in completeness from contact to contact.

Difficult to share

Your contact details are not easily shared or referred to by your wider team.

Contact Manager

Bin the business cards, delete the spreadsheets!

Sick of scrambling for up to date details for your important contacts? We have a solution that solves the problem once and for all. Our Contact Manager allows you to create a custom address book for your branch, supplier, or client details. Choose who to share it with to create a single source of truth. Never be stuck hunting for a name or phone number again.

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Key Features

Contact Manager

Atlas makes managing your contact lists easy!

  • Online Address Book:  Create an address book for your common contacts.
  • Customised: ​​​​​​You choose which fields and information you want to store. Populate it with the info most useful to your company.
  • Personalised:  Personalise each record with photos or logos.
  • Collaborate:  Allow other users to collaborate on the address book, or make it read only if you want to maintain control.
  • Share:  Share the address book with approved users and groups, so you control the information.
  • Export: Easily export a summary of your contact information to Excel if you need to.

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