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Digital Asset Management

An online library to securely store all your digital assets.

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Digital Asset Management

Unlike any library you've ever visited...

If you're like most teams, you probably have an amazing range of content related to your brand and business. This could include PDFs, documents, images, music, video and fonts - all vital to how you work and promote your company. If it's scattered across your network and cloud storage, in folders people forget, and formats you can never find, then we have a solution that will transform how you work forever!

Atlas solves it...

Digital Asset Management

  • A single source of truth for your files
  • Store all your common file types
  • Manage access and sharing with user roles
  • Powerful search and management tools
  • Secure user access, anywhere in the world, 24/7
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Key Features


Atlas makes it easy to file and retrieve old content.

  • Automation:  Control the archiving of content by setting expiry dates. The content is automatically archived so you don't need to remember.
  • Safely Stored Content: ​​​​Archived content is hidden away from standard searches and views, but can be retrieved when required.
  • Version Control:  Retain multiple versions of content so you can compare them over time.
  • Activity Logs:  Logging tracks uploads, modification dates, and users so you can see who has made changes to any of your content.
Brand Management

Atlas supports your brand by allowing you to customise the interface of the system.

  • Single Source Of Truth:  Keep all your brand assets and imagery in one location, so your teams are always using the most up to date and correct branding, wherever they are.
  • Store Guidelines: ​​​Create a share a set of digital brand guidelines online including colour schemes, fonts and graphics.
  • Easy Brand Reference:  Assist your team to find the correct branding to use with simple to use directories, tags and searches.
  • High Quality Content:  Store high quality imagery and artwork for sharing, and never have your team use fuzzy low resolution screen grabs that damage your brand again.
  • Archiving and Expiry Dates: Ensure old branded content is turned off and hidden. No more content being used by mistake.
Content Types

Atlas stores all the common file types you use on a daily basis.

  • Audio:  Radio advertisements, interviews, podcasts, sound effects, music.
  • Design Files: ​Studio work including illustrations, design files or Photoshop files.
  • Documents:  Briefs, company reports, word templates, presentations or slides.
  • Fonts:  Your brand fonts, or those of your clients or suppliers if you design for them.
  • Imagery: ​Photography, graphic elements, logos, product shots.
  • PDFs:  Completed design work, company reports, eBooks.
  • Product Data: Pricing, purchasing info, technical specifications, dimensions, codes and supplier info.
  • Video Footage: Advertisements, company event footage, interviews.
  • HTML: Web pages.
Content Maintenance

Atlas makes maintaining your digital library easy.

  • Bulk Upload:  Quickly upload content in bulk by selecting multiple files.
  • Easy Interface: ​​Lets approved users add, edit or delete content or data at the click of a button.
  • Bulk Edit:  Edit content en mass, or synchronise data from other systems using feeds or APIs to remove manual handling.
  • Excel Exporter:  Make modification changes in bulk, then reupload your content to make changes at scale.
  • Archiving: ​​Set expiry dates to archive content if it has a fixed life span.

Atlas supports your brand by allowing you to customise the interface of the system.

  • Graphics:  Customise your log in page and home page banners to align with your branding.
  • Messages: ​​Reach your users with custom home page messages and banners.
  • Fonts:  Upload and store your brand specific fonts using our font uploader.
  • Logos: Upload and store logos for you, your clients, or supplier brands using our logo uploader.

Atlas makes it easy to find and retrieve your digital content with powerful search features.

  • Directories:  Easily create and file your content in a library by creating your own directory structure that suit your business or team.
  • Metadata Searches: ​​​Search the metadata fields specific to your business e.g. categories, suppliers, brands, sizes.
  • Search & Filtering:  With multiple search and filtering options, you can easily find what you are looking for.
  • Document Searches:  Look inside PDFs to find words and phrases. A huge time saver if you want to find documents requiring updates.
  • Automatic Keywords and AI: Tag your image content and conduct quick searches on the tag terms.
  • Advanced Search Functions: Identify directories, date ranges, file formats or statuses.
  • Similar Content: See assets your have created associations with to find similar content or products.
User Access

Atlas supports your need for security and control with user access controls.

  • Permissions:  Create users you wish to access the library, either manually or automatically with the relevant permissions.
  • Anytime Access: ​Access one source of the truth, wherever you are in the world, 24/7.
  • User Expiries:  Set expiries on accounts, so you can turn off access automatically at the date you choose.
  • Role Based Permissions: Custom permissions allow users access to the directories and functions you are comfortable with.
  • Activity Reports: ​Monitor user activity and log ins with system reports, so you can see who is using the system.
  • Password Management: Users can manage their own password changes, or nominated adminstrators can do this for them.

Atlas makes it easy for you to share your valuable content with the right recipients.

  • Easy Share:  Send your content to users outside your business, or have them self-serve with log ins.
  • Personalise Content: By granting them access to specific folders relevant to them.
  • Download or Email: Allow users to download approved content, or email attachments or links directly out of the system.
  • Collections: Gather content such as photoshoots or campaign elements, then share them in a group with your agency or other teams.
  • Embed Links:  Automatically generate embed links for use in digital channels or for sharing, with or without log in permissions.

Atlas keeps your business content securely protected.

  • Single Sign-On:  Make user access fast and secure with single sign-on. We support all popular methods.
  • Advanced Hosting : Our servers are hosted in a state of the art Vocus facility and data is backed up in multiple locations.
  • Encryption: We encrypt data and transfer it over SSL connections.
  • Watermarking: Protect your IP and copyright by automatically applying watermarks to previews and downloads.
  • Role Based Permission: Access to content, directories, and functions is controlled by user groups, roles, and permissions.

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